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HR Angels MT Web Languages Case Study

The customer HR Angels from Milan, Italy presents a really elegant and modern website where you can read suggestions about career improvement. On their website you can also find details on how to contact them. 

Change Management & Organisational Development

Angels is the team of professionals with complementary, integrated and synergistic skills, founded by Deborah Palma. They take care of people, business and organisations with an approach based on a commitment to results. They position themselves as an effective and experienced business partner in the leading sectors of the Italian spirit around the world.

The Functions of this website:

Customers can use the website of HR Angels to do the following activities:

  • You can get in touch directly with the Consultants.
  • You can read about the different services that this company offers.

Visit: www.hrangels.it

Are you interested in our activities? Visit our portfolio and news pages!

Do you want to stay up to date through our social media channels: Visit our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. 

HR Angels MT Web Languages Case Study
HR Angels

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