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Diana Lowery Consulting from Stockton, USA has been running a comprehensive series of public awareness campaigns since 1990, including water conservation, stormwater pollution prevention, crime prevention, disaster preparedness and social awareness.

Public Awareness and Project Development Consulting Services

Diana Lowery has decades of successful experience as an educator, administrator and curriculum writer. In addition, her extensive career in radio, television, advertising and public outreach has produced an award-winning children’s programme on cable television.

Sally Save Water: Her National Success Story

Her happy and fun new book “Here Comes Sally-Save-Water©️” provides a joyful reading or audio experience about saving planet Earth’s water….and adds much to a child’s STEM/STEAM learning.

The entire Sally-Save-Water™️Awareness Program has been the winning element for many awards, including, the United States Department of Interior’s Educational Mentor Award For Outstanding Efforts In Water Conservation and the 21st Annual Communicator Silver Award of Distinction.

Visit: www.dianaloweryconsulting.com

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