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For the customer Change Into we developed their new online store and web application. Change Into consists of trained tailors who will change and repair your clothes for their customers after the customers have selected and purchased Change Into’s services on their website. The tailors of Change Into also come to your home and personally pin your clothing on you: Through an innovative calendar on the website, you can easily book your best appointment on Change Into’s website.


The Advantages of Change Into

With Change Into you can make an appointment with their tailors – in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice. During the personal consultation and fitting, Change Into can respond to your individual wishes and ensure that your clothes fit perfectly. Your models will be taken away and delivered back to your home after alterations.

For example, you would like to have a pair of trousers shortened or sewn tighter? Do you need a new zip in your dress? For uncomplicated alteration requests, you can order Change Into’s tailors directly online. Under “Start yourself” you select the desired alterations and enter the necessary measurements and details. To help you, you will find instructions for measuring.


The Functions of this web application:

Customers can use this web application to take the following actions:

  • Change Into repairs, shortens, sews tighter, widens, lengthens and remakes all clothing.
  • Change Into creates something new for you from your favourite worn pieces.
  • For complicated alterations, you can book a personal fitting at home.
  • If you wish, Change Into will collect your clothes and return them after they are processed.
  • Change Into will modify your clothes within 3-6 working days of receipt by them.
  • Change Into offers express processing within 48 hours of receipt of goods for an additional charge.

An Innovative Platform whith many services

With Change Into’s website, you can make changes to your clothes around the clock. Experienced professionals guarantee high customer satisfaction.

In order to rethink familiar tailoring services and their location-based functioning, Change Into decided to create something new, and out of this came their idea for Change Into.
The integration of digital media into our everyday lives offers new opportunities and challenges. More and more people are discovering the advantages (and disadvantages) of web shopping. These developments have inspired Change Into to make classic tailoring more accessible to you. Garments ordered online without trying them on beforehand don’t always sit favourably – how good that Change Into exists: You order your alterations tailors online and Change Into sews your new favourite piece to fit you!
What’s more, Change Into wants to rethink clothing. Instead of throwing away damaged garments that no longer fit, Change Into wants to repair them or reclaim a tailored, optimal fit. So you can keep the classics of your wardrobe, but also rediscover out-of-fashion garments and create unique cuts.

The mission of Change Into

Change Into has made it its mission to make alteration tailoring more convenient and flexible. The focus is always on the customer: if you can’t come to Change Into, Change Into will simply come to you! It is important to Change Into that the customer is granted full transparency. This means that you enter into personal contact with your tailor. Change Into’s experienced experts serve you competently and in an environment where you feel comfortable. The quick and personal exchange guarantees the best fit.
Change Into is happy to offer the alternative of taking orders contactless: via the button “start yourself” you enter your alteration requests and have Change Into pick up the goods and of course bring them back. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to design the order variably.


Visit: www.changeinto.de

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