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The Nomination brand was founded in Italy during the 80s – in Florence, the capital of fashion and remarkable craftsmanship. Paolo Gensini, founder, gained professional experience in the mechanical engineering industry in the metal and jewellery sector.
This profound knowledge and a certain flair for innovation ultimately led him to an ingenious idea: a customisable bracelet that can be worn by men and women of all ages and social classes. From then on, it didn’t take long for the idea – the Composable – to become a success.

A Big E-Commerce Shop with a Wide Range of Jewellery

The Composable: a composable stainless steel bracelet whose modules can be easily exchanged, added and removed by means of a spring mechanism. Ideal for all those who attach great importance to individual pieces of jewellery or simply enjoy combining them.
For the jewellery industry, this invention was like a revolution, because for the first time, stainless steel found its way into jewellers’ shop windows – and at an affordable price without any loss of quality.

Nomination offers a Famous collection of Composable

The Composable collection immediately became the DNA of the company, which was named “Nomination” – the Italian word for “naming”. At first, the collection only included golden letters, but within a very short time, they were joined by countless new symbols and materials. An innovative bracelet that told the story of its wearer and continues to do so today in a special way.

The combination possibilities are almost endless: whether stainless steel with gold and silver, enamelling or gemstones, the Composable meets every taste and enhances every outfit. No wonder, then, that the communicative power of this designer language overcame the boundaries of its Italian homeland in no time at all and the Composable became a cult bracelet for an entire generation.


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