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The traditional company Matilde Vicenzi in Verona is known for a range of exquisite biscuit specialities. The history of the company began in 1905 in the bakery of the company founder of the same name. Matilde Vicenzi marketed spoon biscuits, amarettini and fine pastries made of puff pastry there.

Traditional pastries from Italy presented in a modern website

The changeover from artisan production in the bakery to small-scale industrial production took place soon after. The decisive step towards a significant expansion of production and the conquest of a high market share was taken by Matilde’s grandson, Guiseppe Vicenzi, in 2005. Today, Matilde Vizenci’s great-granddaughters run the business in the fourth generation.

Matilde Vicenzi’s range includes traditional pastries from Italy, including the crunchy cantuccini with whole almonds and the amarettini that are popular with cappuccino. The spoon biscuits are still a firm favourite in the pastry selection, as is a good mix of biscuits and shortbread.

Particularly fluffy puff pastries in different variations and pastry mixes packed in beautifully designed metal boxes are an ideal snack with tea or coffee and also make excellent gifts. Grisbí, a biscuit with fine fillings that tastes particularly good when chilled, are very popular. On their website you can find a presentation of all their products.

Matilde Vicenzi is famous for its Grisbi Biscuits

The crispy, wafer-thin wafers with cream filling are a delicious snack for any occasion with a long tradition. The biscuits from Matilde Vicenzi are not only a delight on their own, but can also be used as an ingredient to refine a range of desserts, cakes and deliciously filled biscuit rolls. Varied recipes from the house of Matilde Vicenzi provide valuable suggestions for using the fine biscuit in successful dessert, snack and cake creations. One of Matilde Vicenzi’s most important products is the Grisbi with cream filling, a classic Italian biscuit with a lemon flavour cream filling, sold in the 150g pack. If you like this refreshing combination of citrus fruit and biscuit, Matilde Vicenzi is the place to go. Just one bite of the biscuit and the day can begin. These delicious biscuits are particularly suitable for breakfast or as a small break in between.


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