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January 6, 2021

Multilingual Website
for Hogan Shoes

Multilingual Website

Hogan shoes are extremely comfortable and their style is elegant and sporty at the same time. Women, men and children are crazy about this brand because it is suitable for everyone. But few people know the history of these shoes and the Tod Group, owned by Diego Della Valle, who also owns the Hogan Brand. Not everyone knows, for example, that this fashion brand is entirely Italian: in addition to Tod’s and Hogan shoes, the company also owns the Fay clothing line. On their multilingual website you can select the trendiest collections that this awesome brand offers to its customers. 

Shoes by Hogan: Various Leather creations

The Hogan label was born for its shoe collection, but due to its immediate success, various leather creations and accessories such as bags were added.
Although Hogan Footwear was born in 1986, the first sneaker line was only launched in 1995, the year the sporty model was introduced. The Interactive line, the Hogan shoe style we are all familiar with, was launched just two years later. In 2004, the Olympia was released, more elegant and slender. Entirely dedicated to the female clientele, it is Attractive, immediately followed by Hippie logo bags and Hogan sunglasses. Very soon the company started selling its products on their multilingual website which in 2020 was updated with a new multilingual SEO strategy.

Multilingual Website of Hogan: The Present of Hogan Shoes

From 1986 to the present day, the ever-comfortable Hogan shoe has changed shape and decoration, but its style is always the same: winning and at the forefront of fashion. The timeless taste of these shoes is above all that of a status symbol, an image of elegance and luxury. Hogan Footwear and its label have always aimed for quality, which is why they belong in the higher price range: every tiny detail is taken care of with the utmost attention and the materials used are of course of the highest quality. Also the multilingual website design is ahead of the pace: Customers can buy almost all products of the Hogan collection. 

Our Multilingual SEO Project for Hogan

We created a multilingual SEO strategy for this customer. All the description of their content was optimised in different languages, in order to increase the organic ranking of the multilingual website. Hogan’s customer can choose different languages when they want to visit the website. With the localization in different foreign languages, Hogan wants to present itself as a market leader in trendy shoes in different countries and languages worldwide. 

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