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We helped Reebok in the creation of new multilingual SEO Content for Fitfluencer, their website and blog, where they describe all the new fitness trends of 2020. It was 1858 and two brothers, Joe and Jeff Foster founded “Mercury Sports”, an American company that was supposed to deal with sporting goods. It seemed simply a small company, but few people know that over the time it became “Reebok International Limited”, one of the best known companies in the world. Today Reebok belongs to the German group Adidas AG, and the name we all know today was given to the firma in 1858. Its products still belong to a sporty style, but unlike before, Reebock is able to offer entire clothing collections, divided by type of sport and occasion of use. Basically, Reebock has now become very fashionable. Its products can now be purchased in shops and also online, so that everyone can have access to them.

Reebok Human Rights Award

Since 1988, Reebok has been rewarding people and activists who decide to fight day after day for human rights. Many people fight in a non-violent way to make our world better, and Reebock always tries to acknowledge their efforts. The prize is awarded annually to four or five people, who will receive a grant of $15,000, which must be invested in their fight for human rights. Until now, the prize has been awarded to many young people under 30 years of age from over forty different countries,


Thanks to the efficient Reebok website you can easily discover all the new products this brand has to offer. On the company’s blog you can find all the new fashionable but sporty proposals, that will make you always look good but also feel comfortable. Among the various collections, for example, Reebock collaborated with Victoria Beckham to creat a clothing line which sponsors a versatile and modern style. Also, Reebock is seriously committed to educating its customers about the world of sport, and has decided to divide the website according to the physical activity practiced. Essentially, you simply need to select your favourite sport to see which products are a perfect match for you. Furthermore, if you decide to order your products online, you will also find a section on the website dedicated to shipping and potential return procedures of items. This will allow you to track your parcel at any time and you can contact the staff without any problem, in case you needed some help. In that case, you could surely contact a Team member who will be at your complete disposal.

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