Multilingual  SEO Strategy
for Casone

Multilingual SEO Strategy

Back in 1973, the Adami brothers founded Casone Spa on land named “I Casoni”, in the province of Parma, where the family worked at the time. Since then, their company has continued to grow in a constant quest for innovation, research and development. Casoni is a leading Italian company in the field of packaging solutions. MT Web Languages supported the company as partner in the creation of a multilingual SEO strategy in order to optimize their web and marketing communication for the German market.

A Multilingual SEO Strategy for Germany

In the 1990s, a major expansion of Casone’s factory took place, which now covers a total area of 23,000 square metres, together with the diversification of the sales sectors for its products. The new millennium brought some important technological and organisational innovations, such as the changeover to electric machinery, a new testing laboratory with specific equipment for Quality Control, a large semi-automatic warehouse, new production lines and new moulds. Today Casone is run by the first and second generation, sells to all major European and non-European countries and has more than 100 employees. Our multilingual SEO strategy tailored to the German speaking countries describes in an efficient way the story of this famous Italian company. 

Products for the German Market

Casone’s multilingual SEO keywords represent the keywords and phrases in web material that make it possible for Casone’s customers to find their multilingual website using search engines. Multilingual SEO keywords that help connect searchers with their website are a well-optimised site for search engines that ‘speaks the same language’ as its potential users.

The Future of Casone

Casone is looking to the future, thanks also to a second generation  who for years now have been strongly integrated in the organization and is also involved in the company’s strategies. Commitment in the present and to the future is one of the biggest and most important mission statements of Casone.  

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