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January 6, 2021
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January 6, 2021

Multilingual SEO 
Strategy for Lenstore

Lenstore’s idea was born in 2008 in the United Kingdom, thanks to the brilliant mind of Mitesh Patel. His desire was to find a solution that would allow people to buy high quality lenses at a reasonable price. The project to create an online site and a multilingual SEO strategy allowed him to soon become a strong competitor for the expensive optical shops that people were used to see. We were happy to collaborate with Lenstore by preparing for them a multilingual SEO strategy that helped them to become more successful on the international market. The aim of Lenstore is to increase its leader on the market of optical lenses. 

Immediate Success and Great International Partnerships

Although Lenstore was not the only online lens retailer in the world, it immediately became successful with its multilingual webshop. The company never stopped improving itself, and soon online guides were created to help international customers choose the right product for them. In 2013 Lenstore was purchased by the famous group “GrandVision”, which already worked in forty-four different countries around the world, and this allowed the start-up to also become part of “Vision Express”. Thanks to this new partnership and the new multilingual SEO strategy we set up for them, Lenstore was able to start offering its customers an eye care face-to-face service, and Lenstore also has an online optical clinic has an internal service within the multilingual website. 

In 2018, Lenstore and Nikon created the world’s first 7.3-gigapixel Timelapse. The chosen subject was the Canary Wharf in London. Just one year later, Lenstore collaborated with the charity “Color Blindness Awareness UK” on an international project which aimed at raising awareness about colour blindness. Their goal was very ambitious: to show how colourblind people see the world. The result was excellent and three different types of colour blindness were highlighted. Their communication was powered by a successful international SEO strategy. 

Always Online, but also in Touch with its Clients

Lenstore has a large section of contact lenses, distinguished by type and brand, as well as a wide selection of complementary eye care items. Although the products are at the heart of its business, what really sets this company apart is high quality customer service. Lenstore, indeed, has websites in several languages and is always attentive to consumer demands. Lenstore knows the importance that these products can have for customers, and for this reason it makes sure that shipping times are very short. 90% of orders are shipped the same day they are placed. This has allowed Lenstore to be rated as “excellent” on Trustpilot.

Today the brand is not only renowned all over the world, but it is also synonymous with quality and guarantee for its customers.

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