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Rollprint is a pioneer company in the distribution of adhesive tapes through their e-commerce website and its brand has been synonymouswith quality and reliability for over thirty years. In 1957, Giancarlo Celante founded the company Rollprint in Milan, Italy which was in fact one of the first to distribute self-adhesive products in Italy. Today, Rollprint is run by Giancarlo’s daughter Lorenza, who with the same passion as her father, strives every day to contribute innovation and expertise. Hard work and quality products have made Rollprint one of the most important companies in its field, with which many firms have chosen to collaborate over the years. And what is the secret of their success?

Rollprint: The Total Store for Industrial Labels

Rollprint managed to be categorised as a leading company in the fields of industrial labels early on. In fact, it was the first company to customise PVC adhesive tape with printing. This ability to constantly innovate is a quality that Rollprint has managed to maintain over time, and even today the products it offers are always groundbreaking. Attention to materials, many years of experience and a consistent desire to improve, ensure that the company remains number 1 in the self-adhesive industry. The vast range of products on offer includes everything from simple adhesive tapes to school and business products. There are also numerous sub-categories for each item, which means that customers can always find the perfect product for their needs.

Customers Come First

The customer’s needs are always the priority for Rollprint, which uses all of its expertise and experience to create products that are increasingly adapted to the demands of the market. The company’s website is designed to guide and help the client. On the e-commerce website, the company’s number, E-Mail and Whatsapp contact details are prominently displayed so that customers can always contact the staff. Furthermore, Rollprint promotes a loyalty points initiative, which entitles customers to a discount on their purchases. How to collect and use the points is well explained in a specific section of the e-commerce website.

News and Insights

As a result of its many years of experience in its field, Rollprint provides a news and information service for the self-adhesive industry. Indeed, for the company we have also created a SEO strategy and blog where important information and interesting facts get published. The quality of the products on offer also stems from the fact that the Rollprint team is made up of real experts who are always passionately developing their knowledge in this field.

Transparency on Your Purchase

Buying products online on an e-commerce website can be complicated if the website is not properly organised. Moreover, even today many people do not feel so comfortable shopping online rather than in person. Rollprint has also come up with a solution for this problem: an online guide. In this area, the customer can learn step by step how to create an account and make a purchase. As a company that was founded in 1957, Rollprint knows that it is important to create a platform that meets the needs of all generations, not just the new ones who are used to Internet. For Rollprint, it is essential that the customer has a clear understanding of the purchase conditions and the steps to be taken. It is precisely upon this principle that the company still benefits from its reputation and credibility today!

Visit: www.rollprint.it 

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