Drones in Dubai!  
Multilingual Business Planning
for Resonate Media House

Resonate Media House, founded in 2018 in Dubai by the talented Lewis Craig Deaves, is composed by a team of experienced videographers and drone pilots that provides professional video marketing services designed to deliver results. MT Web Languages prepared their multilingual business plan.

Creativity, Passion and Expertise

Resonate Media House helps companies in building brand identity, increasing awareness and boosting overall engagement. Thanks to its creativity,  brands can realise their full potential with a carefully considered, coherent and charismatic video marketing campaign. The quality of the videos also stems from the fact that the Resonate Media House team is made up of real experts who are always passionately developing their knowledge in this field. The company geared towards delivering high quality video production services to entrepreneurs, brands and businesses looking to stand out from the crowd.  Resonate Media House has a deep and wide expertise in several areas, going from filming for international sport brands and commercial yacht companies, to filming for luxurious real estates, fashion brands, or for important brands of the Automotive sector.

News and Insights

Resonate Media House has now become one of the most experienced video companies in UAE, by building a coherent strategy that clearly and creatively communicates companies messages through video contents which inform and entertain. MT Web Languages supported the company in the whole setting up phase, starting from the study of the business strategy, the drafting of the business plan, the search for investors, to the effective building of the company. MT Web Languages is the official business consultant of Resonate Media House. Moreover, for the company MT Web Languages has also created a SEO strategy and blog where interesting facts and professional advice get published.

Visit: www.resonatemediahouse.com

You need help with your own business plan? Do not hesitate to contact us! We offer a wide range of services in the fields of multilingual business planning. 

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