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For the Business Consultancy IM Impresa from Cagliari, Italy, we developed a software where their customers canst up a user profile with personal data and in which they can upload documents that IM Impresa can use in order to comunicate with their customers. IM Impresa’s legal team supports companies in handling civil, criminal, administrative and tax cases and for this reason the company needs to manage a big number of documents and data.

The Software is made with PHP and the Frontend is totally custom using JS 5 and 6 /HTML/CSS

With this software you can set up a new user profile with credentials and personal username. The software validates, rejects and displays Identity Document and Health Card. It is also possible to upload and remove documents: Chamber of Commerce certificate, Calendar of annual deadlines, Declaration of accountant (1 file per document). Uploading and removal of documents: Privacy, Mandate (several files per document.

With this software you can make your income declaration

Customers can use this software to take the following actions:

  • Uploading and removing documents: Interim Schedules, Tax Returns, Income Statement/Balance Sheet
  • You can upload and remove other kind of documents (multiple files and divided by year for each document).

With this software you can also organise the following activities: 

  • Practical requests like updating of processes
  • Integration of new activities

This software offers many activities that you can organise from customer side

From customer side you can carry out the following activities: 

  • Possibility to upload and download ID and health card;
  • Possibility to update ID and health card 1 month before expiry date;
  • Download Chamber of Commerce certificate, Calendar of annual deadlines, Declaration of accountant, Privacy, Mandate.
  • Download Interim statements, Tax returns, Income statement/balance sheet, Other documents by year; 

You can manage requested documents like: 

  • Upload of pdf files of documents requested by the administrator, only non-expired requests visible.
  • Display of files by Year -> Type of file
Development of Restricted Area Software
Software Development IM Impresa 1
Software Development IM Impresa
Software Development IM Impresa Portfolio 3
Software Development IM Impresa 5
Software Development IM Impresa 4

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