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My name is Massimiliano Marzo and I’m a freelance Product
Owner specialised in the creation of websites and software for
companies which want to operate worldwide. My aim is to help
companies in the digitisation of their business operations to
make their daily tasks easier.

Why is it best
to choose my IT services?

Every kind of business has nowadays the opportunity to sell its products and services to people in the next location, or even around the world by using websites, application or user interfaces. The Web represents an incredible opportunity to increase revenue and improve profits. In order to maximise reach, however, organisations will need to look beyond communication.

FirstI I will make an in-depth analysis of how you are presenting yourself on the web and then I will suggest you the best IT strategy to apply for your business success. Then I will make a strategic plan together from the point of view of both web development and multilingual SEO strategies to be adopted, to make sure that the moves we are going to take together will lead you to success in local and in international markets as well. For this reason, an efficient combination between well-structured web-platforms and a localized SEO strategy is the key to your success.

My Scrum Team of Freelance Collaborators

We are a team of international Freelance IT technicians with a great passion for exciting projects. We are all based in Munich and we help companies from all Bavaria, Germany and European countries.
Big challenges drive us to deliver to our customers results that make them happy.

Massimiliano Marzo

Freelance IT Product Owner

Raffaele Taglialatela

Freelance Business Planner

Marco Pireddu

Freelance Web Developer

Claudia Adele Arsesu

Freelance IT Project Assistant

Vittoria Varone

Freelance SEO Assistant

What sets us apart is that every member of our team has experience of working on international IT projects from all over the world. With this know-how we are able to assist you in building the best digital platform for your business success.

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customers improved the IT processes in their companies.

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